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Center for Career Development - Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Manhattanville University’s Center for Career Development’s goal is to help students to apply their liberal arts education and co-curricular experiences to anticipate the future world of work advancing their career goals over a lifetime. We strive to promote faculty, alumni, and employer partnerships to generate opportunities that help students and alumni to discover their career potential and meet their career goals. 

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Connecting Career to the Classroom


Classroom Push-ins

How to request a classroom push-in 

  • Preferred day(s) and date, class time, and location 
  • Size of your class and composition (graduate, undergraduate, class year, majors) 
  • Your contact information 

Presentation Topics 

  • Introduction to the Center for Career Development 
  • Resume & Cover Letter Introduction 
  • Navigating the Internship Process
  • Interview Skills & Tips 
  • Standing Out on LinkedIn
  • Job Search Strategies 
  • Career Fair Preparation
  • Graduate School Roadmap

Internship Supervision


Faculty Supervisor Role

  • Internships for Credit require a student to have a Worksite Supervisor on the job, and a Faculty Supervisor on campus.
  • The Faculty Supervisor provides a syllabus and touchpoints to assist the student with synthesizing their work experience with the classroom learning that prepared them for the internship.
  • Worksite Supervisors complete student evaluations.
  • Faculty Supervisors grade the student’s course.
  • Unless an academic program pre-designates a Faculty Supervisor for ALL interns (CAM does this), the student requests faculty supervision directly with a FT faculty member in their program of study, or CCD assists with a pairing. 

Course Numbers

Internship for Credit course numbers are always

#4497 (undergraduate)

#5597 (graduate).

For example, BIO 4497, CAM 4497, HROE 5597 etc 

Industry and Alumni Connections


We connect with hiring managers and recruiters of all industries

We also know you are experts in your field. We look forward to working with you to secure employment and experiential learning opportunities for our students and alumni. If you would like to refer an employer to us, please contact us with their name, title, and contact information.

Alumni speakers

We know that our Alumni like to stay connected with faculty with whom they built strong connections. If you know alums who would be interested in helping the next generation of Mville Students, please send them our way!



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