Center for Inclusion

The Center for Inclusion was established to foster a campus culture that supports, values, and respects every Manhattanville student, faculty and staff; regardless of race, class, gender, age, sexual preference, abilities, nationality, religion, or beliefs. The Center supports underrepresented student groups and organizations, such as, but not limited to, BIPOC students, LGBTQ+ students, and women. 

The Center provides programming and workshops, student advocacy and outreach to the larger Manhattanville community.  Through such programs and training, the Center would facilitate and support the development of self-awareness, learning and understanding of different cultures, experiences, and opinions.

Where We Are Today

Students laughing together in the Center for Inclusion.




The Center for Inclusion continues to support the Black Lives Matter Movement as it addresses yet another example of the over-policing of Blacks and African Americans. Our position stays committed to advocating for targeted, oppressed and marginalized populations on and off-campus. We encourage all students, staff, and faculty to not only examine their hearts but to also think beyond just being an ally to being an accomplice.  An accomplice seeks to challenge institutionalized racism head-on and hold people accountable as we move towards an anti-racist society.


The Manhattanville Achievement Program (MAP) is a need-based scholarship program for incoming first-year students seeking a college education. 

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Manhattanville First

Manhattanville First is a college success program that provides support to our first-generation Valiants. 

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  

Our signature events include

Cultural Exploration Field Trip
Off-campus excursions to New York City cultural sites.

Lunch and Learn | Let’s Talk About It 
A bi-weekly lunch series featuring interactive discussions on hot button topics.

Voices from the Margin
Dynamic speaker series focusing on marginalized identity groups. 

Valiant Thursdays
Every Thursday show your Valiant pride by wearing your Mville apparel. Participants will receive a discount at Chartwells, the College Bookstore, or Mville Tickets!

Manhattanville College Intercultural Competency Program (MICCP)
MICCP challenges both yourself and the society you live in through a series of workshops about all facets of culture, from race to sexuality.

HSI conference.