Business and Human Resource Management Accelerated Program

Business Management and Human Resource Management Program Overview

Students in the 4+1 human resource management degree program start their educational journey studying foundational business concepts that inform human resources tasks and responsibilities such as training, recruitment, employee development, and employee relations. They then enroll in the MS in Human Resource Management program, ranked one of the best HR master's degrees in the country by, and gain experience taking on advanced strategic leadership projects.

As a five-year combined degree program, the BS in Business Management + MS in Human Resource Management provides future HR professionals the skills to be influential leaders in a shortened time frame. The master’s in human resource management curriculum is strengthened by broad business management instruction and practical HR management experience in the New York City metropolitan area.

Accelerated Human Resource Management Education

If you are interested in human resource careers, from independent consulting pathways to director- or manager-level HR positions in businesses of any size, enter the field at a higher career advancement and salary potential (and save on graduate tuition) through an accelerated program like Manhattanville’s.

In the year after completing the requirements for the bachelor’s program, you’ll transition to earning an experience-heavy master’s in human resource management degree supporting your professional aspirations.

Years One–Three: Undergraduate coursework in business management.  Meet with your academic advisor and the graduate program director to indicate interest in the 4+1 program.

Year Four: Begin graduate human resource management coursework and complete bachelor’s.

Year Five: Complete remaining master’s in human resources courses. 

Gain on-the-job training in essential HR concepts through internships, networking opportunities, and real-world projects in Manhattanville’s accelerated human resource management degree program.


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The flexibility of the accelerated human resource management program allows students to explore a wide range of fields within human resources and learn skills applicable to many industries and sectors. In addition, the combined bachelor’s and master’s curriculum offers several opportunities for professional development, from exam preparation to additional certifications and an optional internship.

Requirements for the 4+1 accelerated program in human resource management include:

  • 120 bachelor’s degree credits
  • 36 graduate credits
  • Graduate field competency experience and strategic capstone

You’ll complete 12 of 36 required MS in Human Resource Management credits through combined bachelor’s and master’s course credit, allowing for completion of the final 24 credits in just one extra year.

Many entry-level roles in human resources such as human resource specialists, recruiters, and labor relations specialists are accessible with just a bachelor’s degree. However, expertise gained through a master’s program in human resource management can give you an edge when it’s time to progress to supervisory and leadership positions.

Saving time and money through Manhattanville’s accelerated master’s in human resource management program allows you to explore HR areas such as recruiting or training more deeply and gain specialized experience in professional work environments through New York City-area internships. Plus, extended business management skills training furthers career opportunities in a variety of advanced business operations roles.

Career opportunities with a master’s in human resource management include:

  • Chief Learning Officer
  • HR Manager or Director
  • Compensation & Benefits Manager
  • Compensation, Benefits & Job Analysis Specialist
  • HR Practice Leader

If you are starting out as an undergraduate interested in working in human resources, consider the head start of Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated degree program format, where leadership roles are within reach after just five years of education.

Master’s in Human Resource Management Salary
Holding a master’s in human resources also positions graduates to receive greater salary compensation for entry-level roles as well as those where experience and education are expected beyond the bachelor’s level.

Entering the human resources field in a leadership-track capacity can earn graduates strong median annual salaries for the following roles, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Prospective first-year accelerated program students follow the typical undergraduate admissions process for entrance to the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Management degree program of study. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact an admissions counselor.


Review complete Manhattanville undergraduate admissions information.


Once students have earned at least 75 credits in the BS program and can demonstrate their potential and foundational knowledge through at least one faculty recommendation, they can apply to enroll in the accelerated human resources management program in their fourth year.


For current Manhattanville business management majors: begin the BS/MS application process.


Prerequisite Course Progressions
Students following the accelerated human resource management program pathway must complete HROE 5100, HROE 5102, MGPS 5010, and MGPS 5050 and must also earn a B or better in all HROE/MGPS coursework.

The Bachelor of Science program requires three courses in a concentration area which students will use to take HR courses in preparation for the MS in Human Resource Master’s program. Additionally, students may not take more than one HROE/MGPS course in the first two semesters of the program. After that, students may take up to two per semester.

Financial Aid and Scholarships
You’re already cutting costs on 12 graduate credits through our practical 4+1 accelerated human resource management program pathway.

Check out Manhattanville Financial Aid resources to learn further options to manage the cost of your advanced HR leadership training.

Apply to the 4+1 Accelerated BS in Business Management + MS in Human Resource Management Program

Gain unrivaled professional skills and working HR knowledge at one of the top business schools in Westchester County and the greater NYC area through Manhattanville University’s 4+1 accelerated degree program in human resource management.

If you’re excited to jumpstart your career as a leader in the human resource field in just five years, request more information about this 4+1 accelerated pathway.


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