Business Management and Sport Business Accelerated Program

Business Management and Sport Business Management Program Overview

Manhattanville University’s accelerated 4+1 business management program combines a strong foundation of business knowledge with tailored graduate experience in dynamic area of sports business management and marketing.

Students in the (BS) in Business Management program can earn both their bachelor’s and a Master of Science (MS) in Sports Business Management degree in just five years through Manhattanville’s experiential 4+1 program pathways.

See why the combined BS + MS in business management program at Manhattanville helps you get within reach of your dreams, faster.

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If you’re interested in continuing your business management education in order to pursue advanced careers managing influential companies and organizations in the entertainment world, it makes sense to combine your business management major with accelerated graduate studies furthering opportunities for career growth.

In our signature 4+1 accelerated program format, students begin earning master’s credentials in sports business management as they complete their business management undergraduate program, finishing both degrees one year after completing the bachelor’s degree.


Accelerated Sport Business Management Education

The accelerated business management program takes an interdisciplinary approach, allowing students to gain direct experience and select courses that align with their career goals.

Through close faculty collaboration, networking opportunities, and hands-on business management internships, students in the accelerated BS + MS in Sport Business Management program combine their efforts to save time and gain graduate-level training in five years.


Years One–Three: Undergraduate coursework in business management

Year Four: Combined coursework fulfilling bachelor’s and master’s degree credits

Year Five: Complete remaining Master of Science coursework


Be a part of shaping the future of business in major industries such as sports, media, and entertainment through our accelerated business management bachelor’s and master’s program.

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Both the bachelor’s in business management program and the MS in Sport Business Management degree at Manhattanville include options for deeper study and professional experience in areas such as marketing, finance, accounting, or international management.

Requirements in the BS in Business Management include a collaborative senior seminar and self-directed capstone project, helping you successfully take on master’s level coursework and an applied internship.

Combined requirements for the BS + MS in business management include:

  • 120 undergraduate credits
  • 36 graduate credits
  • Graduate internship

You earn 12 graduate credits as an undergraduate, shortening the time it takes to complete MS requirements in your fifth year.

The BS + MS in Sport Business Management accelerated program enhances career potential in top business professions immediately after graduation, from sales to business development to digital marketing. Graduates and faculty instructors have successful careers at top employers, from college athletics franchises to the NFL, the MLB, and the NBA.

Through close instruction specific to the fields of sports business and entertainment management as well as professional communication, finance, and economics, students expand their career possibilities in just five years and enter the competitive entertainment job market ready to advance.

Career paths to pursue with an accelerated master’s in business management degree include:

  • Business or Management Analyst
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing or Brand Manager
  • Athletic Director/Administrator
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • Talent Representation Agent or Manager

The accelerated sport business management program’s applied internship experience and flexible areas of concentration develop a wealth of skills tailored to your aspirations. Whether you develop into a sports marketing expert or a global entertainment business leader, you’ll be prepared to become a valued employee or successful changemaker at any scale.


Master’s in Business Management Salary

Exciting career opportunities in the entertainment and sports management industries are lucrative and fulfilling, as demand is high for talented and forward-thinking business specialists and leaders across the media and financial sectors.\

Graduates of Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated business management program find higher compensation than applicants with just bachelor’s degrees, whether their first job after school is entry-level, or a role requiring extensive experience or graduate education in the field. They’re also well-positioned to be promoted to managerial and executive positions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those in management occupations earn a median annual salary of $102,450. As you progress through your career, you may earn comparable median annual salaries for roles including:

Admission Process for Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Program

Because the accelerated 4+1 program begins with the bachelor’s degree in business management, you’ll apply to the accelerated program as an undergraduate. Then, you can apply to the accelerated fifth-year MS in Sport Business Management program. 

Application requirements to progress into the accelerated program include:

  • At least 75 earned undergraduate business management credits
  • Overall GPA of at least 3.3
  • Two recommendations from Manhattanville faculty endorsing the student’s potential and strong foundation of business knowledge

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Accelerated Business Management Program Financial Aid

The 4+1 accelerated program in business management automatically saves you tuition costs for at least 12 graduate credits that you earn in the bachelor’s program. Manhattanville offers many excellent financial aid options to ensure your graduate business management education remains affordable.

Explore financial aid and scholarships at Manhattanville.


Apply to the 4+1 Accelerated BS in Business Management + MS in Sport Business Management Program

Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated program in business management combines a BS and MS in Sport Business Management ensuring students gain work experience and knowledge of the sports and entertainment industry driving advanced business management careers.

Ready to save costs by combining your bachelor’s and master’s in business management and earning two degrees in five years? Request more information, or start your Manhattanville application today.




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