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4+1 BS Finance + MS Finance Program Overview

Manhattanville’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Finance + Master of Science (MS) in Finance 4+1 accelerated degree program enriches undergraduate studies in finance and management concepts with graduate credentials that fuel advanced financial career pathways.

In just five years total, graduate with both a BS in Finance and an MS in Finance. Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated finance program allows you to study broad financial and economic concepts and concentrate your studies, projects, and internship experiences in in-demand areas of the field, from accounting to investment banking.

Many finance professionals seek graduate degrees in the field to better understand the content and get them closer to their goals. For accounting, global finance, investment management, and more advanced career paths, master’s degrees open opportunities to seek credentialing where undergraduate credit hours alone don’t meet experiential requirements.

When you begin your finance career, you’ll most likely undergo extensive on-the-job training with your employer. Demonstrate your dedication and specialized expertise in the field and hit the ground running with Manhattanville’s combined 4+1 program in finance. 

Learn more about the finance major programs at Manhattanville and connect with an admissions counselor for assistance in deciding which pathway is right for you.


This accelerated finance degree pathway strengthens your technical skill and real-world experience in preparation for careers managing and influencing the financial health of organizations.

The 4+1 accelerated program format adds graduate coursework to a student’s undergraduate journey. As students complete degree requirements in the bachelor’s in finance program, they can apply to begin master’s in finance coursework. In just one extra year, students gain the project-based experience and professional network of a Master of Science (MS) in Finance.

Years One and Two: Students pursue undergraduate finance degree coursework.

Year Three: After completing 75 credits, students can begin taking graduate courses in finance.

Year Four: Continue to weave in MS in Finance graduate courses and complete bachelor’s requirements.

Year Five: Complete credit hour requirements for the master’s in finance program.


A flexible format allows students to take master’s courses in evening weeknight classes, ideal for students who work a day job.

Prepare for advanced career paths with Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated degree programs.

The five-year bachelor’s and master’s in finance program at Manhattanville helps students develop the skills to manage the finances of businesses of any size and scope.

Undergraduate finance degree requirements include a practical internship experience nearby in the economic centers of New York City and Westchester County. Both bachelor’s and master’s in finance curriculums at Manhattanville integrate hands-on experience through projects and networking opportunities.

Requirements for the 4+1 accelerated finance program include:

  • 120 undergraduate credits
  • 36 graduate credits

Throughout the bachelor’s and master’s in finance degree programs, students select career-driven electives in specialized areas. Undergraduate students use 12 credits to earn dual credit toward their MS in Finance, saving them costs and considerable time.

While earning a bachelor’s degree in finance can open entry-level job opportunities in accounting and budget or financial analysis, a master’s degree in the field can extend your skill and experience level in special topics like corporate finance, global finance, and wealth management.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers of financial analysts sometimes prefer hiring candidates with master’s-level credentials, and holding a master’s degree can improve the ability to advance in a specialized field of finance.

Manhattanville’s MS in Finance degree helps assist students seeking certification as an actuary, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), preparing them in core graduate competency areas. A final thesis project develops research, analysis, and communication skills in preparation for stakeholder-facing roles and responsibilities. This training prepares students for advancement to mid- or senior-level roles in financial organizations and broadens post-graduation job prospects.


Master’s in Finance Salary
Starting as a financial analyst with a master’s degree can increase your salary and potential to advance to a higher-level role such as financial manager and chief financial officer (CFO). Outlook is also good for business and financial occupations. The BLS reports employment of financial managers is projected to grow by 17%, much faster than the average across all occupations, by 2031. The BLS reports median annual salary data for the following professions:

Earning a Master of Science degree in just one more year after completing undergraduate requirements ensures your education is a solid investment. Begin your finance career with more specialized in-person experience and the skills to receive higher compensation than you would with just a bachelor’s degree.

To enroll in the accelerated 4+1 program, apply to the BS in Finance degree program as an undergraduate.

As a first and second-year finance major, you’ll work with an academic advisor to take courses preparing you for graduate studies in finance. After earning 75 credits with a GPA of at least 3.3, finance majors apply to begin master’s courses to earn dual credit toward both degrees.


Accelerated Program Financial Aid
Manhattanville’s financial aid programs are here to help you manage the cost of your combined BS + MS in Finance degree.

The accelerated 4+1 program allows you to save money by taking graduate courses as an undergraduate. You can use your undergraduate financial aid package to cover graduate course costs and minimize the number of credits you need to pay for in a master’s program. Explore Manhattanville financial aid and scholarships.


Apply to the 4+1 Accelerated BS in Finance + MS in Finance Program
Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated program combines an undergraduate finance major with a Master of Science (MS) in Finance degree in just five years total. Prepare to become a key player in the financial success of any business, from global economics to the latest tech startup. If you’re excited to jumpstart your advanced career path in finance, request more information about the 4+1 accelerated program in finance.


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