Business and Finance Accelerated Program

4+1 BS Business Management + MS Finance Program Overview

The accelerated business management and finance degree pathway at Manhattanville University provides a thorough foundation in business skills and opens advanced business and finance career opportunities while saving you time and tuition costs.

Students in the 4+1 accelerated business and finance program earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Management and add a Master of Science (MS) in Finance degree in one extra year, graduating with both degrees in just five years.

Strengthened by networking opportunities from New York City to Westchester County and beyond, Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated program in business management and finance prepares students to pursue advanced career paths in business and finance with the flexibility to pursue their personal career interests.

Elevate your traditional undergraduate business major journey with Manhattanville’s accelerated business management and finance degree pathway.

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When you graduate with a BS in Business Management, your skills can positively impact many fields and industries. With the addition of an MS in Finance, your strategic decision-making will be vital to the financial health of any organization or client.

Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated degree program format gives students maximum freedom to pursue projects in areas that interest them. The MS in Finance builds on the business major, allowing students to specialize their studies in finance or economics in their fifth year and develop the financial management skills to inform a career in any field.

This BS in Business Management + MS in Finance degree pathway differs from the BS in Finance + MS in Finance 4+1 program in that it develops a broader understanding of business concepts, such as marketing and human resource management, before the student enters a graduate finance program.

By completing 12 dual-credit courses, undergraduate students in the 4+1 business management and finance program get a head start on their graduate credits, saving them costs and considerable time.

Years One and Two: Complete bachelor’s degree coursework in business management.

Year Three: After completing 75 credits, students can begin taking graduate courses in finance.

Year Four: Continue to weave in MS in Finance graduate courses and complete bachelor’s requirements.

Year Five: Complete remaining master’s in finance requirements.

Gain the career benefits of an MS in Finance in just one year after you complete the BS in Business Management degree program.

Prepare for advanced career paths with Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated degree programs.

The five-year BS in Business Management + MS in Finance accelerated program combines a foundational business administration curriculum with a deeper understanding of specific financial areas of expertise, from corporate finance to investment banking.

While studying the undergraduate curriculum, students earn experience through at least one NYC-area internship assisted by the Center for Career Development. Students tackle accelerated master’s program requirements beginning in their fourth year through weeknight evening classes.

Requirements for the accelerated Business Management + MS in Finance program include:

  • 120 undergraduate credit hours
  • 36 graduate credit hours

12 out of 36 graduate credits are earned early through the accelerated 4+1 program format.

Master’s degree credentials broaden the possibilities of advancing to mid- or senior-level roles in businesses across various industries. This level of experience and education can also lead to higher starting salaries in entry-level positions.

With the close assistance of an academic advisor, business management students select courses and project opportunities that further their strategic abilities and concentrate on the financial aspects of running a business alongside essential management, corporate finance, and investment management concepts. Career paths that graduates prepare to pursue include:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Investment Relations Associate
  • Advertising or Promotions Manager
  • Financial Director
  • Chief Financial Officer

With hands-on work experiences and internships, students in Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated business and finance degree program graduate with the technical knowledge and professional skills necessary to communicate with stakeholders and leverage financial opportunities relevant to their organization’s goals.


Business Management + Master’s in Finance Salary
Graduates of an MS in Finance program can enter the business world at a higher starting salary and advance to roles with greater responsibility and compensation.

Your career may start in project management or management analysis; you may advance to become an influential manager or director. You may work in insurance or credit analysis and position yourself to become a top-level employee in your field. Some of the highest salaries in business and financial management careers are for chief financial executives.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these finance and business roles earn the following average annual salaries:

Earning a master’s degree in business and finance opens opportunities for advancement to crucial roles in almost every industry. Begin your business management career with the added edge of an MS in Finance.

Prospective first-year students can take advantage of Manhattanville’s accelerated 4+1 program pathway by applying to the BS in Business Management undergraduate program.

After completing 75 credits in major courses and demonstrating competency and preparedness for graduate study, students apply to begin the accelerated MS in Finance degree. Additional accelerated program requirements include:

  • Overall GPA of at least 3.3
  • Two faculty letters of recommendation

Review Manhattanville undergraduate admissions to get started and contact an admissions counselor with any questions.


Accelerated Program Financial Aid
Manhattanville’s 4+1 program pathways empower students to enter their careers on track to advance to lucrative management positions and beyond. Manhattanville’s financial aid and scholarship programs are available to keep your investment in education affordable.

Review Manhattanville financial aid and scholarship information.


Apply to the 4+1 Accelerated BS in Business Management + MS in Finance Program
Manhattanville University’s accelerated business and finance degree program enables students to graduate with both a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Science in Finance in a total of five years.

If you’re excited to earn two degrees at a top business school at an accelerated pace, the 4+1 program in management and finance at Manhattanville is suited to you.


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