Business and Marketing Accelerated Program

Business Management and Marketing Management Program Overview

Manhattanville University’s accelerated 4+1 marketing management program prepares future leaders in marketing with a five-year pathway combining the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Management degree and the Master of Science (MS) in Marketing Management degree.

With networking and project opportunities in the New York City and Westchester, NY, areas, Manhattanville’s accelerated marketing management program prepares graduates through experiential learning in brand or reputation management, public relations, social media and digital marketing, corporate communication, and project management.

This five-year 4+1 accelerated program allows students to complete the requirements for both a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree and develop their personal and professional experience in preparation for advanced marketing and corporate communications roles.

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Manhattanville’s accelerated master’s in marketing pathway gives you the skills to enter the marketing profession or become a marketing manager in agency or in-house settings across various industries in a shortened time frame.

Marketing professionals elevate their career and salary potential through experience and continued education. Save on graduate marketing program tuition through Manhattanville’s 4+1 program and complete up to 12 graduate credits early, earning a BS in Business Management and an MS in Marketing Management program in five years.

Students in the 4+1 BS in Business Management + MS in Marketing Management program begin studying essential marketing concepts as an undergraduate through concentration area courses alongside major courses. Then, students apply to progress into the MS in Marketing Management degree program to further develop their expertise and career potential.


Years One and Two: Undergraduate coursework in business management and marketing.

Year Three: After completing 75 credits, students can begin taking graduate courses in Marketing Management.

Year Four: Continue to weave in MS in Marketing Management graduate courses and complete bachelor’s requirements.

Year Five: Complete credit hour requirements for the master’s in marketing program.

The 4+1 pathway to the MS in Marketing Management degree allows students to extend their ability to manage teams and client relationships and gain hands-on work experience at their own pace.


Prepare for advanced career paths with Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated degree programs.

The flexible 4+1 accelerated marketing management program allows undergraduate business students to learn advanced marketing and corporate communication skills. Before graduating with a bachelor’s and a master’s in marketing communications, they’ll practice in specialized areas like digital marketing, international marketing, brand management, and public relations.

Requirements for the accelerated marketing management degree program include:

  • 120 undergraduate credits
  • 36 graduate credits

In Manhattanville’s accelerated degree format, complete 12 of 36 required master’s in marketing course credits through undergraduate course selections and finish the remaining credits in one more year. 

Starting your marketing career with a master’s degree demonstrates your dedication to the field and can lead to higher starting salaries and increased advancement opportunities. Meet the demand for marketing professionals who can lead teams, integrate marketing strategies harmoniously, build client relationships, and contribute to a business’s overall success.

Entry-level and mid-career opportunities with a master’s in marketing management include:

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Content Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Project Manager

Pathways to becoming marketing managers and other more senior marketing roles are furthered with master’s degree-level credentials. Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated marketing management program ensures preparation to advance to leadership roles, backed by broad business training and networking opportunities leading to lifelong partnerships.


Master’s in Marketing Management Salary
Holding a master’s degree in marketing management enables you to start your career with greater salary compensation and pursue advanced career pathways. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the following average yearly salaries; experience, location, and responsibilities can elevate your salary range.

Whether you’re seeking an entry point into marketing management roles or want to fast-track a well-rounded marketing education, Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated BS in Business Management + MS in Marketing Management degree program can get you there.

First, apply to the BS in Business Management as an undergraduate and earn at least 75 credit hours with a GPA of 3.3. Then, demonstrate your preparedness to excel in graduate study and apply to transition to the master’s in marketing management program. The courses you’ll take to earn dual graduate credit include MKMC 5100, MKMC 5101, MKMC 5102, and MSIM 5602.

To get prepared to apply, explore Manhattanville Undergraduate Admissions. Connect with a counselor to help you find the correct pathway for you.

For current Manhattanville undergraduate students: begin the BS/MS accelerated program application process.


Accelerated Program Financial Aid
The 4+1 accelerated marketing management degree program saves you money by including graduate coursework with your undergraduate financial aid package. Manhattanville’s robust financial aid resources and counselors can further help smooth the process.

Explore Manhattanville financial aid and scholarships.


Apply to the 4+1 Accelerated Program in Marketing Management
Manhattanville University’s 4+1 accelerated BS in Business Management + MS in Marketing Management degree program prepares students to assume leadership roles in marketing and business with advanced communication and organizational skills.

If you’re ready to experience NYC and Westchester-area employer mentorships and learn from marketing experts, graduating with two degrees in five years, request more information about this 4+1 accelerated marketing program.


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