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Marketing Program Overview

Marketing professionals strategically bridge gaps between customers and businesses, connecting goods and services with the consumers or clients who need them. Whether it involves traditional marketing channels or innovating new ones, careers in the marketing industry span many critical areas of business:

  • Brand management
  • Advertising and sales promotion
  • Public relations
  • Social media and influencer marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Market research and analysis
  • Marketing management

Manhattanville’s BS in Marketing degree program provides students with a deep understanding of core marketing concepts, research-based theory, effective marketing strategy principles and methods, and techniques promoting the ability to grow and adapt to changing landscapes and emerging technologies throughout their careers.

Learn the fundamentals of marketing that set you up for success in various areas of the field in a setting a short distance away from the international business hub, New York City. 

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The BS in Marketing degree covers essential marketing topics and impart a holistic understanding of how marketing efforts are affected by economics, business practices, and human behavior.

Manhattanville’s marketing curriculum requires students to complete a number of major-specific courses in addition to the general education and credit hour requirements of the Bachelor of Science degrees:

  • Twelve major core marketing courses
  • Two marketing electives (includes optional internship)
  • 60 liberal arts credits

If you’re thinking about earning a double major or adding skills through a minor, Manhattanville counselors can help ensure you meet the 120 course credits required for a bachelor’s degree. The BS may give you more freedom and flexibility in liberal arts requirements.

Review complete degree requirements in the Manhattanville catalog.

Learn about general education and liberal arts requirements for undergraduates.


Marketing Courses

In major courses, you’ll learn the history and traditional theories of the field as well as higher-level concepts like integrated marketing, digital and internet marketing, public relations, and marketing technology. You may take courses in topics such as:

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Economic Statistics
  • International Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Market Research
  • Advertising


Finance Concentration

The optional finance concentration infuses your marketing degree with quantitative skills and an understanding of fiscal processes. In addition to marketing courses, you’ll receive instruction in topics like:

  • Money and Banking
  • Principles of Finance
  • Investment Analysis


Capstone and Senior Seminar

Marketing majors at Manhattanville can demonstrate their understanding of marketing and how to help businesses, organizations, and institutions reach their goals through many hands-on avenues. 

Included in the marketing degree curriculum is a strategic marketing capstone course. In this course focused on decision-making and business integration, you’ll learn how to plan and execute a marketing plan from top to bottom, from market analysis and development to evaluation.

Students who wish to demonstrate their business and marketing knowledge can take a senior seminar in economics. This seminar provides an opportunity to complete a unique research project and discuss your findings with peers and faculty. Another option is independent study, where you create a project or research topic approved by faculty.

All marketing minors are required to take the following two courses:

MGT.1001 Fundamentals of Management


MKT.1003 Introduction to Marketing



Courses with the MGT and MKT codes are not counted as liberal arts

All marketing minors must complete three electives from the following courses:
MGT.2008 Corporations in Society


MKT.2006 International Marketing


MKT.2016 Integrated Marketing Communications


MKT.2017 Digital Marketing


MKT.2024 Consumer Behavior


MKT.2025 Marketing Research


CAM.2021 Public Relations


CAM.2022 Advertising



Courses with the MGT and MKT codes are not counted as liberal arts

Backed by applied experience researching and analyzing marketing data, understanding and communicating with various audiences, and implementing holistic strategies, graduates of the bachelor’s in marketing degrees are equipped to help organizations of all types reach their marketing goals and connect to their customer base.

What you learn in the bachelor’s in marketing curriculum positions you for careers in marketing with annual salaries such as:

Marketing careers are scalable, with room to progress to higher positions and a demand for diverse talents like writing, editing, design, client relations, and human and resource management. Whether your career pathway involves further graduate study, professional certifications, or entering the workforce after graduation, Manhattanville’s marketing major provides a rich background of knowledge.


Preparation for Graduate Marketing Programs

Some marketing career pathways are more likely to require further education at a master’s degree level or equivalent work experience. Master’s degrees in marketing, like our Master of Science (MS) in Marketing Communication Management, are becoming more popular as a standard level of training for management or executive-level marketing career tracks. With coursework informed by the latest standards and practices and a robust general education program, our bachelor’s degrees in marketing are a springboard for further study in a variety of fields.

The backdrop of Westchester County, New York and the Tri-State area offers Manhattanville marketing majors many internship opportunities. Students can earn course credit while working in a professional environment, whether it’s in advertising, public relations, communications, or digital marketing.

The Center for Career Development’s robust services support you throughout your internship search and application process. Learn more about Manhattanville’s academic internship program.


Economic Freedom Institute

The intersection of marketing, ethics, and economics is a wellspring of inspiration. Begin solving problems and furthering the field of marketing by participating in the Economic Freedom Institute. This on-campus forum founded by faculty in the economics and finance departments facilitates interdisciplinary conversations that surround applied economics and concepts of economic freedom.

Division Chair

Robert Derrell


Full-Time Faculty
Olugbenga Adeyinka
Nimish Adhia
Tina Bardsley
David Borker
Robert Derrell
Kyoko Mona
Peter Rivera


Faculty Emerita
Jim Bryan
Anna Sachko Gandolfi
William Perkins


Carolyn Greaige, Administrative Assistant


Adjunct Faculty
Alan Anderson
Ernest Barone
Rinku Bhattacharya
Edwin Bowman
Robert Candee
Richard Cherry
Donald Genio
Paul Jakubek
Jean Mann
Alan Sadovnick
Michael Scimeca
Inger Stapleton
Audrey Tyson
Janet Walsh

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Manhattanville’s BS in Marketing degree program prepares students for a range of career trajectories and further education in market strategy, market research, brand management, advertising, sales, public relations, and beyond.

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