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Undergraduate Valiant Advising Team

The important thing is to get your college career off to a good start.

Our Undergraduate Valiant Advising Team will be right there to help that happen.

The Valiant Advising Team coordinates the University’s advising system and its staff serves as the Primary Academic Advisors for all undeclared First Year and Sophomore students at the University. The Team supports students by providing information about academic policies and degree requirements, assists students in the course selection process, and offers students support and appropriate referrals to other campus resources.

Our Academic Advisors will be available to have conversations with you about your academic and personal goals, and strategies for success. They will also assist you in making sure that small problems new students sometimes encounter don’t snowball into bigger ones. They will also be there to help you as you transition to your major and to a Faculty Advisor in your field of study.

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Meet the Staff

Advisor Jennifer McCarthy
Director of Academic Advising

Brownson Hall
Room 033


Advisor Michael Stracci
Assistant Director of Academic Advising
Brownson Hall
Room 031
Geena Catalano
 Academic Advisor

Brownson Hall
Room 031

Nathan Hughes
Academic Advisor

Brownson Hall
Room 033


FAQs and Important Information


Most academic changes (e.g. major declaration, course withdrawal, etc.) are completed via an official form. Typically these forms are submitted to the Registrar's Office/OneStop Office. Please contact Academic Advising with any questions.  

Please click here to access the Registrar's Office Forms and Applications page. 

Between our leadership centers, community events, student support, and open atmosphere, you’ll graduate with so much more than a degree. Life on campus at Manhattanville will leave you with a community of support and a network that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Click Here for Student Campus Resources

Click Here to Visit Student Planning

What is Student Planning? Student Planning is an online resource that allows you as advisors to review, and track your advisees academic progress at Manhattanville University. Student Planning will allow students to search and register for courses.

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Any undergraduate student seeking to return to the University after a Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Dismissal or 2+ year hiatus in course registration may initiate the readmission process by submitting an application to the University here.

Once a student has submitted the required application and provides all applicable supporting documentation, the request for readmission is considered in consultation with various academic and student life areas.  If a student is approved for return academically, a student’s readmission can be finalized when both Financial Aid and Student Accounts confirm the student’s clearance within these respective areas (i.e. all documents have been provided to calculate a financial aid award as applicable and any outstanding balance owed to the University has been resolved). 

When both academic and financial clearances have been confirmed through the Admissions Office, a student will be officially readmitted to the University and be permitted to register for courses soon thereafter. 

If you have any questions about the Readmission Process, please contact the Manhattanville Admissions Team at 914.323.5464 or

Students can declare their major anytime during their first year and sophomore year, but must declare by their second semester of their sophomore year. Any transfer student who comes to the Manhattanville University with 40 or more credits must declare their major by the deadline posted on the Academic Calendar during their first semester.  For detailed information on declaring your major/minor, and for updating your Academic Advisor information to a Faculty Advisor, please complete a Change of Advisor Form, which can be found on the Registrar's Office Library Forms Page. 


Students should contact and/or visit The Center for Career Development for assistance with career goals, decisions, and internships. 

Please click the link to get information about academic standards and policies that guide the decisions regarding probation, dismissal, and appeal decisions.

Academic Probation and Dismissal Policy

Manhattanville's Grading and Grading Policies use standard letter grades. Each letter grade is assigned a numeric grade point value to allow computation of a student's Grade Point Average (GPA).   For example, if you complete 5 courses, each conferring 3 credits, grades A, B+, F, C, and D, you can compute your scholastic index as follows:   

Divide the total grade point value by total credits.  Do not include "W" and "P" grades (from pass/fail grading option) in the attempted credits.   

Click here to check out this sample GPA Calculator!

Manhattanville maintains the following letter grading system:

Grade Grade Point Equivalent Percentage Equivalent
A 4.0 93-100
A- 3.66 90-92.9
B+ 3.33 87-89.9
B 3.0 83-86.9
B- 2.66 80-82.9
C+ 2.33 77-79.9
C 2.0 73-76.9
C- 1.66 70-72.9
D 1.0 60-69.9
F 0.0 0-59.9




P = No Grade Point Value

For satisfactory work in a course taken on a Pass/Fail basis.


NP = No Grade Point Value

Doctoral Program only. For work that demonstrates limited mastery of the material or method of inquiry.


W = No grade point value

For a course from which the student has withdrawn, with the approval of the instructor and advisor, or Provost or relevant Dean, before the withdrawal deadline.


WA = No Grade Point Value

Academic or administratively initiated withdrawal.


WF =  0.0

Academic or administratively initiated withdrawal while failing or for sanction. This grade is a terminal grade and changes are not accepted.



The Dean’s List honors full-time students who achieve at least a 3.6 average during a particular semester. To be eligible, students must complete at least fifteen semester hours, with a minimum of twelve hours taken for letter grades. This achievement is noted on students’ transcripts for each semester in which they fulfill these requirements.

Graduation honors are based on the following cumulative grade point averages:

3.7 GPA 
cum laude

3.8 GPA
magna cum laude

3.9 GPA
summa cum laude


First Year
0-29 Credits

Sophomore Year
30-59 Credits

Junior Year
60-89 Credits

Senior Year
90+ Credits 


The maximum credits load is 19, except in majors like Music, Dance and Theater, and Castle Scholars, who can register for up to 21 credits.  A student may apply for registration in excess of these numbers. They must complete the Application for Credit Overload the corresponding registration forms, and obtain faculty approval. The documentation must be submitted to the Registrar's Office for consideration, and will receive a final review by the Dean's office. Click here for detailed information on tuition rates. 

NOTE: If you are enrolled beyond the maximum credits, you will be charged at the credit hour rate for each additional credit hour enrolled. 


You may not withdraw below 12 credits without an appeal. The minimum credit load for full-time status is 12 credits.  Permission to withdraw below 12 credits will only be considered for extraordinary reasons (e.g., illness or death in the family). ALL appeals must be accompanied with appropriate documentation and signatures. They must be submitted to a member of the Academic Advising Team, no later than the course withdrawal deadline for the semester in which the withdrawal is requested.

NOTE: Athletes and students on Academic Probation are not eligible to withdraw to below 12 credits.

Completion of 120 credits minimum is required, with an overall GPA of a 2.0. Additionally, grades of C- or better must be achieved in ALL courses used for the major, minor, and general education requirements.

Some majors may require completion of 130 credits for their degree. Additionally, some departments may require grade of a C or better in courses used for the major, minor and/or general education requirements.

NOTE: The minimum number of required liberal arts credits within your 120 credits varies depending on your degree.

  • 90 credits for a BA degree
  • 60 credits for a BS degree
  • 30 credits for a BFA degree 


General Education classes are those that ensure that our students develop core abilities--ones that are characteristic of students completing a liberal arts and sciences education and preparing for life in the 21st century. 

See the General Education page for detailed information.


The Registrar provides a listing of class cancellations on a daily basis.



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