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Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

Professional Development for a New Breed of Educator 

The mission of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (CTLS) is to support the Manhattanville educational community by fostering the development of active, informed, and engaged teachers and scholars. The CTLS aims to bring our community together by offering diverse, inclusive professional development for faculty and staff.  

Programming will center on four primary areas of faculty development: 

  • Pedagogy 

  • Scholarship 

  • Mentoring 

  • Technology

The Center is located in Library 213 and is open to all faculty and adjuncts during the workweek.



In a continuing effort to support the vibrant and diverse teaching and learning community at Manhattanville University, the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship was established in 2012 to support full time faculty, adjuncts, and staff as they pursue excellence in classroom-instruction, innovation in curriculum design, and fluency in student-centered twenty-first-century technologies.

The Center prides itself on offering a space for the community to gather around issues related to teaching and scholarship. Here, faculty and staff can meet for group discussions about pedagogy, join their colleagues for writing hours, participate in professional development events and workshops, and get training in new technologies that promote student engagement.

The Center strives to create and support a vibrant and diverse teaching and learning community of through:

  • Supporting faculty-driven initiatives that seek to incorporate into the classroom new pedagogical strategies and/or instructional technologies that result in increased student academic success.
  • Promoting innovative and effective practices for inclusive teaching, specifically by investigating achievement gaps and developing strategies for overcoming those gaps.
  • Encouraging and supporting continuous discussions among faculty and teaching staff about student learning.
  • Building programming opportunities that bring faculty/student support service departments together to create a collaborative and cohesive teaching institution.
  • Encouraging faculty to share effective teaching practices and strategies.
  • Building a culture of purposeful inquiry within a community of teachers and learners.
  • Supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning among faculty from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.
  • Fostering a space for faculty to share and workshop their research and writing projects.

The workshop model asks faculty from around the campus share their expertise in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship. The workshops are active and participants gain pedagogical strategies to take back to their classrooms.

Working Groups
The working group is a professional development model that allows for a team of interested faculty to engage in an issue over the course of the semester. Faculty meet regularly to discuss issues relevant to the college classroom and may read common materials. Participation is voluntary, although the group does ask that you are available to attend most meetings so the group can be more effective. Past working group topics include design thinking and supporting talk about difficult issues. We are always open to suggestions for future working group topics!

Book Club
Book club allows faculty the time and space to discover or revisit texts relevant to our field. Books are suggested by faculty and participation in a book club is optional. Faculty mutually agree on a day and time to meet to discuss the book. Please contact us with book suggestions!

The CTLS works to enrich the faculty experience. We bring in outside speakers to engage faculty in discussion about best practices, current issues in college-level learning, as well as issues in scholarship. Past speakers include Dr. Edward Ayers, from the University of Richmond, speaking about the Digital Humanities; and Dr. Jordi Getman Eraso, from Bronx Community College. Find out about upcoming programming here! (Link to Upcoming Programming)

Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology 

Manhattanville University offers a variety of instructional technology platforms to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Each platform features an array of tools that allow faculty and students to collaborate, create, and communicate. If you have questions or need help with any of Manhattanville’s teaching technology solutions, the Office of Instructional Technology offers various resources ready to assist.

Contact the Instructional Technologists for support meeting your teaching goals by using Manhattanville’s instructional technology solutions. Discover strategies in course design in either Blackboard or Digication, discuss assessment options, and explore how to engage students through multimedia, ePortfolio, discussions, blogs, journals, and more. To learn more or request a consultation visit the Office of Instructional Technology site.

Digital Innovations Team
This team of student workers is available to answer questions and provide basic support on the college’s instructional technologies. Learn how to upload files, embed media, work with ePortfolios, etc. The team also supports the spaces below in the Library. 

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship conference room is available to faculty for:

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Consultations
  • Receptions
  • Free work space
  • Lounge space


  • Seating for 12
  • Adjacent lounge space for 10
  • A/V projector
  • EdTech Assistant support
  • Coffee machine
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Water cooler


Hours and Location
Library 213
Monday through Wednesday
9 AM to 7 PM
9 AM to 5 PM
11 AM to 3 PM
Reserve through the Conference Services Platform  AdAstra.

The ePortfolio Lab is a popular space for classes to hold special sessions requiring a non-traditional classroom. Featuring moveable tables for group work or other activities, a projector, laptops for class loan from the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship, and eTern support, it attracts sessions from the ATLAS ePortfolio program, Academic Advising, School of Education, and others. Features;

  • Seating for 20
  • Moveable furniture
  • A/V projector
  • Digital Innovation Team support


Hours and Location
Library 206
Monday through Wednesday
9 AM to 7 PM
9 AM to 5 PM
9 AM to 5 PM

Reserve through the Conference Services Platform  AdAstra.

  • Where do I find out about upcoming CTLS faculty development events?
    Please visit the “Upcoming Programming” page on the CTLS Blackboard page.
  • How do I make an appointment with the Instructional Technologist?
    Bancha Srikacha can be reached at Bancha.Srikacha@mville.edu.
  • How do I make suggestions for programming?
    Any member of the campus community should feel absolutely free to reach out to Carleigh.Brower@mville.edu. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.
  • Can eTerns help me set up technology in my classroom?
    For classroom technology, please contact Media Services via the Manhattanville Help Desk, or 914.323.7200.
  • Can I use the CTLS for meeting space?
    When the CTLS is not being utilized for faculty development programming, it is available for faculty meetings. Please note that the CTLS is an open faculty space, if you would be uncomfortable with faculty coming in during your meeting, please schedule another space. Reserve through the Conference Services Platform  AdAstra.
  • Where can I access slides and handouts from CTLS workshops and events?
    Materials from faculty development events are available on the CTLS Blackboard page.


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