Marketing and Marketing Management Accelerated Program

Marketing and Marketing Management Program Overview

The 4+1 marketing degree program at Manhattanville University forms highly skilled marketing professionals in a shorter time frame than standard. By combining the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marketing and Master of Science (MS) in Marketing Management degrees, candidates earn both degrees in only five years, starting graduate courses in the final year of the bachelor’s program.

Manhattanville’s accelerated marketing degree equips students with the latest tools in marketing strategy, market growth, branding, reputation management, social media and digital communications, corporate communication, and emerging technologies. New York City and Westchester County provide access to industry-relevant internships and networking opportunities.

Graduates enter the workforce holding both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, increasing their earning potential and opening the doors to advanced roles in marketing and communication. 

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The combined bachelor’s and master’s in marketing program offers professional training that leads to advanced marketing management careers in various industries. The five-year pathway fast-tracks your professional goals and enhances your employment opportunities. 

The accelerated marketing degree is also a savvy financial decision—when you complete 12 graduate credits during your bachelor’s degree, you save on tuition. With two degrees in hand, you graduate with an elevated salary potential when applying to your first job out of college or for entry-level roles in the industry. 

You study core marketing concepts and fundamental marketing strategies for the first three years of your undergraduate education. Then, you apply to begin graduate coursework in the MS in Marketing Management program, where you gain a higher level of specialization. 


Years One-Three: Undergraduate coursework in marketing foundations with the option to minor in finance.

Year Four: After completing a number of credits in the bachelor’s program and meeting with your advisor, begin graduate marketing communications coursework.

Year Five: Continue to fulfill Master of Science in Marketing Management requirements and graduate with a second degree in just one extra year.


The 4+1 marketing degree program prepares you to lead your field and spearhead projects for clients through hands-on education. 

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The BS in Marketing + MS in Marketing Management program curriculum is robust. It covers topics in digital marketing, business development, leadership, market research, data analysis, consumer behavior, and corporate communications. Electives allow you to tailor your studies to your interests, while a marketing capstone project and optional internship offer the opportunity to apply your skills in real-world scenarios. 


Requirements for the accelerated bachelor’s to master’s in marketing include:

  • 120 undergraduate credits
  • 36 graduate credits


Complete 12 of 36 credits from the master’s degree while in your final year of the undergraduate marketing program through this accelerated format.

A master’s in marketing transforms you into an in-demand professional for various industries. Whether it’s branding, digital marketing, research-based strategy, or client management, graduates have the specialized training to execute projects at a high level and be an integral part of an organization’s success. Others use the degree to become entrepreneurs and start their own marketing business.

Careers with a bachelor’s and master’s in marketing include:

  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Content Producer
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • SEO Analyst
  • Social Media Strategist

Though manager-level roles may require some work experience after graduation, a master’s degree increases the salary potential of entry-level jobs. It also provides the credentials to apply to advanced positions more quickly. 


Salaries with a Combined BS and MS in Marketing

When you hold both a BS and MS in marketing, marketing salaries are usually higher than that of a bachelor’s degree alone, and their earning potential increases with additional work experience. It also positions candidates to pursue senior roles. According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, possible salary outcomes for graduates include:

Admission to Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Program

The bachelor’s and master’s in marketing program at Manhattanville University is a solid foundation from which you can launch a dynamic and exciting career.  

The first step is to apply to the BS in Marketing program. After earning at least 75 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.3, you can apply to the MS in Marketing Management. A dedicated advisor will help you with the transition, working together to create a plan of study and ensuring you are fulfilling the requirements for the dual degree. Once approved, you can start taking graduate courses in your fourth year as an undergraduate. 

Review Manhattanville Undergraduate Admissions and contact the admissions team with any questions. 


Accelerated Marketing Degree Financial Aid

The 4+1 Marketing and Marketing Management degree reduces the cost of your tuition because your undergraduate financial aid package covers up to 12 credits of graduate coursework. Talk to one of our financial aid officers about the process.

Learn more about financial aid and scholarships at Manhattanville University.


Apply to the 4+1 Accelerated Program in Marketing

Manhattanville University’s 4+1 BS in Marketing + MS in Marketing Management degree program fast-tracks your career by providing the specialized tools and advanced knowledge for senior roles in marketing. 

Earn two degrees in five years, gain hands-on skills through capstone projects and internships, and take advantage of the professional opportunities in New York City and Westchester County. Find out more about the accelerated marketing degree

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