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Psychology Program Overview

Our psychology degree program is ideal for students interested in helping and understanding others. You’ll learn coursework from accomplished faculty, get hands-on experience conducting research projects, and find opportunities to apply your knowledge through internships in clinical or research settings.

Our multifaceted curriculum has led students to pursue graduate degrees in psychology and related fields, careers in social work, public health, human resources, and more. Our program is designed to be flexible and collaborative, where students can explore their unique interests and work alongside professors, assisting in research projects or having assistance in performing their own.

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The bachelor’s in psychology degree curriculum bridges teachings in foundational psychological methods with opportunities to explore a range of areas as well as pursue focused research.

Requirements for the bachelor’s degree in psychology include:

  • Three core psychology courses
  • Five content breadth courses
  • Three upper-level psychology elective courses
  • General education and any electives needed to meet bachelor’s degree credit requirements

Review the comprehensive BA in the Psychology curriculum.


Psychology Courses
Psychology majors at Manhattanville study topics such as:

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Cultural psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Experimental psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Personality psychology
  • Biological psychology

Through research seminars and electing to take independent study courses, students can build on their interests under the guidance of faculty while earning course credit.


Psychology Internships and Clinical Placements
In addition to an experiential learning requirement that every student will complete, psychology majors can obtain internships for experience and for academic credit through the Center for Career Development (CCD). If you’re someone who chose to study psychology because of a desire to help and understand others, undergraduate internships are fulfilling ventures.

With the help of the CCD, students are exposed to skill-building opportunities in a variety of work settings relevant to your interests. In the past, psychology majors have gained experience in internships conducting research, shadowing clinicians, working in Human Resources, writing about science for the public, and collecting and managing different types of social science data.

Learn more about the Center for Career Development services and internship opportunities.

Our accomplished faculty are experts in many areas of the discipline and hold advanced degrees in their field. We have psychology professors whose areas of expertise include:

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Cultural Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • School Psychology


Division Chair:

Amy Bass 


Faculty Emeritus

  • Everett Delahanty
  • Anthony C. Santucci
  • P. Susan Gerrity

Please contact any of the above faculty or the Division Chair for more information.

Our flexible and career-oriented psychology program provides the background for a multitude of career paths. Whether your goal is graduate school or seeking your first job, majoring in psychology at Manhattanville opens opportunities in politics, education, business, communications, human services, public policy, and more.

Psychology majors are well-prepared for a range of careers because in addition to expertise in psychology, they develop critical skills such as the ability to use statistics and statistical software, the ability to think critically and scientifically, and the ability to write and speak clearly about complex topics.

Career paths that psychology majors excel in include:

  • Business/Management
  • Criminal Justice
    Education/Special Education
  • Government/Law
  • Health Services
  • Human Resources/Personnel
  • Market Research Analysis
  • Non-Profit Organizations

For some career paths, combining a psychology major with other programs of study will optimally prepare you to pursue those careers. For instance, you could double major in sport studies and pursue a career in sports management. Or, add a minor in criminal justice or political science to pursue a career in law. A bachelor’s degree in psychology can also be part of qualifications for future social work, education, or counseling licensure or certifying programs.

Explore the career outcome data for recent Manhattanville graduates.


Preparation for Graduate Programs
Graduates of our BA in Psychology program have gone on to earn graduate degrees in psychology and counseling in pursuit of clinical or academic careers. Common graduate programs include Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, Social Work, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Behavior Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. 

Psychology majors have also gone on to seek graduate-level training in other subjects, such as human resources, sports management, and business administration, as well as continuing into Manhattanville School of Education’s own Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) or Master of Education (MEd) programs.

Through the academic and experiential requirements of the BA in Psychology, graduates can feel confident in their preparation for applying to graduate degrees in psychology and other areas.


Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Each faculty member has on-going research projects that provide research opportunities for psychology majors at Manhattanville. Contributing to the research projects of Manhattanville professors teaches how to investigate important questions and adds a level of experience future employers and programs look for in applicants.

Previous faculty and student research projects have examined topics like:

  • Parent-child dynamics
  • Social/cognitive development in children
  • Online interventions for stress and anxiety
  • Meat-masculinity link
  • Neural differences associated with schizophrenia
  • How cognitive style relates to religious beliefs
  • Cognitive differences associated with bilingualism
  • Cognitive deficits due to aging
  • The effect of emotion on memory

Manhattanville psychology majors have also presented their findings at campus-wide events like the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Fair, local conferences like the Westchester Undergraduate Research Conference, and annual meetings of various national psychological societies, such as the Psychonomic Society and the Association for Psychological Science.

Psi Chi is the international honor society in psychology. Manhattanville’s own chapter is a fantastic way for students to connect with their peers both on campus and worldwide, forging professional relationships and exploring how to progress in the field.

If you have any questions about the Psi Chi honor society or its yearly induction ceremony in spring, contact faculty coordinators Dr. Mengfei Cai and Dr. Leah Manning.

Students have the flexibility to add a complementary minor to their psychology degree, double major with another bachelor’s program, or even pursue a different major while minoring in psychology.

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Manhattanville offers accelerated dual degree programs that enable students to begin graduate study while still pursuing a bachelor’s degree, earning two degrees in just one extra year. Forge a unique study focus by choosing to double major in psychology alongside one of our available 4+1 degree programs, such as:

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Learn more about studying psychology at Manhattanville by exploring the undergraduate admissions process and the financial aid programs available.

Apply to the BA in Psychology Degree Program
Psychology majors at Manhattanville University graduate well-equipped to follow a career or pursue advanced degrees in psychological science, counseling, and beyond. If you’re ready to apply to the psychology program, learn how to apply to Manhattanville or start your application.