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Manhattanville School of Education Assessment Lab

Welcome to SOE’s Assessment Lab! 


The Assessment Lab strives to be a beacon of innovation, inspiring transformative change in Manhattanville's academic programming and the larger academic, educational, and social communities of which it is part. Through a commitment to inclusivity, research-driven approaches, and collaborative partnerships, we envision a landscape where assessment practices empower communities and drive improvements. This vision encompasses a dynamic ecosystem where educators and administrators are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and support to make informed decisions and create equitable, engaging, and impactful learning practices and policies. We aim to redefine assessment as a catalyst for growth, fostering a world where education embraces diversity, fosters creativity, and nurtures lifelong learners.  




We champion fairness and inclusivity in assessment practices, striving to mitigate biases and ensure equal opportunities for all learners. Equity guides our methodologies, policies, and practices, fostering environments that acknowledge and respects every individual's unique strengths. 


We embrace a culture of continuous innovation, constantly seeking and developing cutting-edge assessment tools and methodologies. We encourage creative thinking and experimentation, pushing the boundaries of traditional evaluation practices to adapt to evolving educational landscapes. 


We prioritize collaboration and partnerships, recognizing the power of diverse perspectives and expertise. Through interdisciplinary teamwork and shared insights, we amplify our impact, fostering a community where knowledge exchange and collective problem-solving drive meaningful change in assessment practices. 


CAEP Accreditation/Self-Study (current)

The Lab is overseeing all data needs (i.c., collecting, cataloging, cleaning, analyzing, and summarizing) for SOE’s Self-Study in anticipation for the Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation’s upcoming site visit in 2025.  

SOE Data Dictionary (ongoing)

In conjunction with CAEP work, the Lab is compiling a comprehensive list of all internal SOE data sources as well as relevant external data that we currently hold or could request. 

Retention Project (Summer 2024)

The Lab will begin analysis for a project seeking to better understand what predicts success in our doctoral program in Education Leadership using data from all matriculated students since the inception of the program.  





Assistant Professor, School of Education

Dr. Nora Broege

Graduate Student, Educational Leadership 

Denise Dawkins

Graduate Student, Educational Leadership

Meghan McGourty

Graduate Student, Educational Leadership

Keith Sullivan


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