Accelerated Dual Degree Programs

Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs

Students completing Manhattanville’s combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees benefit from advanced specialized education and hands-on professional experiences fueling advanced career pathways.

In sought-after disciplines from human resource management to biomedical science, our 4+1 accelerated degree programs focus on undergraduate coursework in the first three years, with the fourth year consisting of both bachelor’s and master’s level classes. Students are then officially enrolled in graduate school and usually complete final classes and graduate with two degrees at the end of the fifth year. English and Creative Writing and combined Education pathways are also available.  Each step of the way, advisors guide students through the accelerated format and combined course load.

Benefits of Combining Bachelor’s and Master’s Studies

In many professional industries, earning a master’s degree enhances advancement opportunities and earning potential. By combining two degrees in an accelerated format, you can gain the benefits of a master’s degree in a shorter time frame with less decision fatigue.

Some reasons why Manhattanville’s 4+1 accelerated programs benefit your personal and professional journey:

  • Knowing your exact path to graduate school without the stress of a typical application season
  • Accelerating a two-year master’s program to just one year after completing bachelor’s coursework
  • Completing graduate coursework while minimizing costs, applying undergraduate scholarships and need-based financial aid to two to five graduate courses (will vary based on program of study)
  • Greater opportunity to develop meaningful faculty relationships, mentorships, and lifelong peer relationships through career networking events and working with professors as an undergraduate
  • More time for academic planning and advice, leading to greater opportunities for specialized electives, study abroad opportunities, and additional minors or certificates

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Explore Accelerated Program Options

We’ve carefully crafted accelerated bachelor’s and master’s curriculum guidelines in career fields where graduate credentials are most often needed for entry or advancement. Explore our combined and dual degree programs.

Shorten your path to advanced carers in pharmaceutical, biochemical, biomedical, and biotechnological sciences. Our experience-driven bachelor’s in biochemistry and master’s in biomedical sciences combined program ensures a multitude of career opportunities after graduation in the laboratory and beyond.

Learn more about the BA/BS Biochemistry + MS Biomedical Sciences program.

Pairing a bachelor’s degree in biology with a master’s degree in biomedical sciences prepares students for dynamic, specialized careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, academics, research, and more. Earn two STEM degrees instead of one in just five years with our BA/BS Biology + MS Biomedical Sciences 4+1 accelerated degree program.

Learn more about the BA/BS Biology + MS Biomedical Sciences program.

To strengthen your pursuit of management-level roles in finance-oriented organizations and beyond, select the BS in Business Management and MS in Finance combined pathway. You’ll simultaneously develop foundational competencies in management concepts while earning a master’s degree furthering financial knowledge in various fields.

Learn more about the BS Business Management + MS Finance program.

Manhattanville’s accelerated human resource management degree program pairs the Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree with an accelerated Master of Science in Human Resource Management degree, a popular pathway for students seeking manager- and director-level HR roles.

Learn more about the BS Business Management + MS Human Resource Management program.

Shorten the time it takes to pursue marketing management career paths by combining the business management undergraduate major with the MS in Marketing Communication Management degree in the five-year accelerated format. Upon graduation, you’ll enter the field with high-level knowledge of marketing as well as business concepts.

Learn more about the BS Business Management + MS Marketing Communication Management program.

Select this option to combine our BS in Business Management with an MS in Sport Business and Entertainment Management. This program option elevates professional and organizational concepts needed for success in the sports and entertainment industries.

Learn more about the BS Business Management + MS Sport Business and Entertainment Management program

Train to become a licensed teacher in New York in just five years with Manhattanville’s tailored dual education degree programs. Our accelerated master’s in teaching programs allow students to double major in education and a secondary subject, as well as get a head start on the graduate credits necessary to seek teacher certification in New York State.

Areas of focus include early childhood, middle childhood, special education, ESL, literacy, and a variety of subjects, from math and chemistry to English and social studies. As you complete your bachelor’s in education, begin an accelerated master’s track in one of two formats: a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), or a Master of Professional Studies (MPS).

  • BA Education Major + Master of Arts in Teaching Pathway
  • BA Education Major + Master of Arts in Teaching Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy Pathway

Our graduate education programs include student teaching hours, preparing students to seek New York State initial or professional certification.

Learn more about dual degrees in teaching leading to New York State certification.

The English Department offers an accelerated BA in English/MFA in Creative Writing program for outstanding undergraduates. Interested candidates apply in March of their Junior year and, if accepted, take two graduate classes toward their MFA in their Senior year.

Learn more

Professional financial roles such as actuary or accountant often require certification with credit hour requirements fulfilled through a master’s program. Save yourself time and money through the 4+1 accelerated program bachelor’s in finance and master’s in finance programs.

Learn more about the BS Finance + MS Finance program.


Selecting the neuroscience bachelor’s and biomedical sciences master’s 4+1 program pathway allows students to develop foundational experience in neuroscience topics while earning graduate credentials for a STEM career.

Learn more about the BA/BS Neuroscience + MS Biomedical Sciences program.

Designed for students in bachelor’s programs who are interested in completing an  (MAT) in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, the Super Start Accelerated Physical Education Program allows students to begin taking graduate-level courses in their final undergraduate year and get a head start on prerequisite courses needed for New York State Teacher Certification.

Learn More About the Super Start Accelerated Physical Education Program

Manhattanville is a regional leader in the field of sports studies. The BA Sport Studies + MS Sport Business and Entertainment Management accelerated 4+1 program is an opportunity to integrate a bachelor’s education across sports and health disciplines with graduate training specific to the management of sports and entertainment enterprises.

Learn more about the BA Sport Studies + MS Sport Business and Entertainment Management program.